Good Enough Right Now

I’ve recently started to put the focus of my meditation/mindfulness practice on loving kindness and self-compassion. One source of inspiration for this is Tara Brach, listening to her resources on Insight Timer, for example her talk on healing addiction.

One thing that came out of this is using RAIN during the day.

  • Recognize – notice a thought arising, one that feels uncomfortable, contracting
  • Accept – nod in acceptance, let it be there
  • Identify – be mindful about it, ride the wave and stay with whatever comes up. see how it feels in the body, etc.
  • Note what you need: what is it that you’d really need, what would connect you again with your higher self? A mantra maybe, a gesture, an imagined hug…

So I’d notice thoughts that are about racing to the next moment. “if only I hadn’t stayed up so late last night – why am I so not in control of my life?”, “all these other people transformed their lives, I’m still stuck with the same old stuff”, “if only I could get my life organized”, … and on and on.

I’d accept them, be present to what arises (often an extremely tight forehead), and wonder: what would snap me out of it? what do I really need?

Here’s what I came up with: I remembered the meditation taught at KAY kids yoga: sitting cross-legged, you tap your thumb with your other four fingers while you say:

Peace begins with me.

I use this tapping technique with a different mantra that works for me:

Good Enough Right Now.

This has worked amazingly well so far!

For example, this morning I got up and cut open a watermelon. I noticed thoughts like “why are you even doing this, you aren’t really hungry, you need to do x and y first”. I started tapping my fingers and moved my thoughts to “good enough right now”, and I could snap right into being present and grateful about this very moment. Here I was, eating delicious fruit, sharing it with my mom, on a great summer day in the Alps. How precious.

And so I’m happy.

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