A Humane Turtle


Selective Sensibility

In dubio pro porco

Without knowing any pigs in person, I find them especially likable. ¬†Winston Churchill would probably agree with me, as he is quoted saying: “I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.” Call me speciesist, but for some reason I feel closer to them than to some other species. I tend to think that I share quite some characteristics with them (potentially quite intelligent, very sensitive, lazy at times, VERY much into food :D).

Just a few moments ago, one of ¬†them was killed. Well, it’s probably millions of pigs that die every day, but this specimen, even though growing up in an animal factory, got to be known by many people: He and his brother are part of the project Pig Vision, some sort of pig reality TV. You can follow the pigs’ lives, starting with their birth in the factory. After that, the siblings go different ways: one of them is freed, gets a name (Jackpot), and lives a life in freedom on an animal sanctuary. The other one has to stay in the factory farm, endure the pains of being a product rather than a being.

Today, the pig without name was slaughtered, only 7 months old. May your life (and death) have helped to understand what cruelty is done to so many like you.

Rest in peace.